Southern Adish Refinery

Southern ADISH Gas Condensate Refinery (ADISH Refinery) is an independent gas condensate refinery in the Siraf Refineries Complex located at the Siraf region of Bushehr province, between 13th and 19th phases of the South Pars Gas Field. This strategic location has a unique access to the South Pars gas condensate export pipeline and to the other available infrastructures such as jetty, sea water intake, power grid, Iranian Natural Gas Trunk-line (IGAT) and etc.

The total capacity of ADISH Refinery is 60,000 BPSD over a total area of 32 hectare including 12-hectare process area. The required technologies and know-how for the process units are provided by Axens (French Licensor) and Haldor Topsoe (Danish Licensor).

Condensate Distillation Unit (CDU)

60,000 BPSD

The main function of the CDU is the separation of Gas Condensate into various cuts for further processing and/or sales as final products.

The straight-run cuts by distillation are as following:

  • LPG
  • Stabilized Naphtha
  • Kerosene
  • Gasoil
  • Atmospheric Residue

LPG Treatment and LPG Recovery Unit (LPGT)

3,500 BPSD

The main function of the LPG Treating is to remove sulfur compounds, mainly mercaptans, H2S and COS, on a continuous mode, from the Sour LPG Cut coming from Naphtha Stabilizer Overhead.

The resulting sweet LPG stream is sent to LPG Recovery Unit.

The main function of the LPG Recovery (LPG) is to remove light ends (C2 and lighter) and water from LPG.

Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit (NHT)

44,000 BPSD

The main function of the NHT unit is to remove Sulfur and Nitrogen compounds from straight run Naphtha.

The Hydrotreated Naphtha is split into three cuts:

  • Light Naphtha
  • Medium Naphtha
  • Heavy Naphtha

Sour Water Stripper Unit (SWS)

200 TPSD

The objective of the SWS unit is to remove the great extent of H2S and NH3 contained in the Sour Water streams from the refinery, in order to yield a stripped water stream to route to Waste Water Treatment, and a H2S/NH3 rich acid gas to route to SSP unit.

Sodium Sulfide Production Unit (SSP)

100 TPSD

The objectives of the SSP unit are to remove H2S contained in the sour off gas streams, to produce sodium hydrosulfide solution (NaSH), sodium sulfide solution (Na2S) and sodium sulfide flake.

Tankage System (TNK)

389,000 m3

The main function of the Tankage System (TNK) is to provide suitable holdup and transfer facilities for feed and products (intermediate, daily and export sections).

The feed to ADISH is received from the South Pars Gas Condensate Refinery.

Capacity and number of each tank is designed considering the frequency of ship loading, loading rate, the size of ship, and so on.

ADISH TNK is consisting of the following tanks:

  1. Light Naphtha Daily Storage Tank
  2. Light Naphtha Export Storage Tank
  3. Heavy Naphtha Daily Storage Tank
  4. Heavy Naphtha Export Storage Tank
  5. Naphtha Intermediate Storage Tank
  6. Kerosene Daily Storage Tank
  7. Kerosene Export Storage Tank
  8. Gasoil Daily Storage Tank
  9. Gasoil Export Storage Tank
  10. Residue Daily Storage Tank
  11. Residue Export Storage Tank
  12. Slops Storage Tank
  13. Gas Condensate Feed Storage Tanks (2 tanks)
  14. LPG Export Tank (2 tanks)

Nitrogen System (NIS)

16,000 Nm3/hr

The main function of the Nitrogen System is to supply Nitrogen for purging, reactor dry out, catalyst regeneration, and blanketing and rotating machines seal requirements within all process, utility and offsite facilities.

Compressed Air System (CAS)

8,000 Nm3/hr

The main function of Compressed Air System is to provide plant air and instrument air to different process units in the refinery.

Cooling Water system unit (CWS)

2,700 m3/hr

As an open circulation, Desalinated Cooling Tower has been selected for use requiring following items:

  • Cooling Tower Package: Cooling Water returns from different process units are gathered within corresponding network and feed into Cooling Tower.
  • Cooling Water Circulation Pumps: Three pumps shall be installed; two operating and one on stand-by.

Hydrogen Production Unit (HPU)

3,300 Nm3/hr

The main function of Hydrogen Production Unit is to produce Hydrogen Gas which is required in Naphtha Hydrotreating (NHT) Unit.

Steam Production Unit (SPU)

60 ton/hr

The main function of the Steam Production Unit is to produce steam and distribute with subsequent steam condensate recovery and treatment equipment. The system receives demineralized water, as make-up to compensate all losses due to boiler blowdown, partial or total dumping of contaminated condensate (during contamination) and other process losses in the plant.

Boiler Feed Water (BFW) is introduced to utility boilers after passing recovered steam condensate and demineralized water from Deaerator with suitable chemical treatment. BFW pumps are used to transfer deaerated demineralized water to utility boiler and HPU for steam production.

Produced HP steam in utility boilers is then reduced to MP and LP steam using desuperheater/let-down station.

Contaminated condensate during partial or total dumping is returned to waste water treatment system after cooling to 45°C in the complex for reprocessing. Stripping steam used in CDU is not returned to steam condensate network and routed to sour water stripping unit located in common area of the complex for further treatment and recovery.

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